Current and recent projects include:

  • A Home Office funded project to develop educational resources about serious and organised crime for practitioners who work with young people. The project involves facilitating focus groups with practitioners, putting together advisory groups of practitioners and young people to oversee resource development and an impact evaluation of the final product.
  • An impact evaluation of a Family Centre using semi-longitudinal research. This project seeks to evaluate whether the preventative work undertaken with Families before they are labelled as ‘troubled’ is cost effective.  We are evaluating the overall effectiveness of the Family Centre’s intervention, both in financial and social terms, and the methods used by the organisation in undertaking the work.
  • Developing Detached Youth Work Practice – funded through the EU’s Erasmus+ Programme, a partnership between Agenzija Zghazagh in Malta, Asociatia Centrul Pentru Dezvoltare Comunitara Durabila in Romania, Stichting JONG Rotterdam in the Netherlands and YMCA George Williams College. The Project aims to develop and strengthen detached youth work services in the partner countries through the exchange of good practice and peer learning and support. The project is evaluating existing services, as well as newly established services, and developing quality assurance tools that can be used in detached youth work settings with young people at risk of social exclusion.
  • European Integration of Roma (Grundtvig programme) – Under the auspices of ‘Inspiring a love of learning’, this learning partnership is part of the European Union’s Lifelong Learning Programme. Organisations in Turkey, Spain, the UK and Germany are involved. The project looks to explore strategies and ethical considerations with regard to youth and community work with (and within) Roma Communities.  The final project will be encapsulated in an e-book for Europe wide dissemination.
  • Innovation and Skills for Youth Work – a conferences and events programme funded by the Big Lottery. As well as 2 national youth work conferences and 10 training days around the country for youth workers and volunteers, the project is also developing a resource pack for practitioners.
  • Better Futures Project – evaluating the impact of detached work undertaken by YMCAs in England. Funded by the Clothworkers Union, this project sponsors three YMCAs to undertake detached youth work using different approaches. The evaluation focusses on the impact of the work on young people and their families, the connection of each project with partner agencies and how each project builds in long term sustainability into the work.  Following the evaluation process, there will be dissemination of good practice across other YMCAs in England and Wales.
  • A Government-commissioned evaluation of the myplace programme (a government initiative investing in youth centres) conducted in partnership with the University of Durham. Engaging with qualitative data through case studies and interviews to develop a deeper understanding of the impact of myplace focusing on context, systematic features, organisational structure and activities focus.
  • Evaluation of YMCA England’s Leadership Development Strategy. Taking a narrative approach using interviews which were intentionally open-ended and improvisational, taking inspiration from leadership and development theory and reflection on professional practice models.