Tina Salter

Tina Salter

Tina Salter (Senior Lecturer)


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My background is in youth work, specialising latterly in mentoring young people ‘at risk’ of exclusion from school. I am also experienced in coordinating programmes and managing teams.

My youth work career started out as a volunteer at a youth group that I had grown up in. I then trained as a youth worker at Oasis College and have since worked full-time as a youth worker in a variety of settings, both charity- and statutory- based. I have managed a range of programmes for young people including: coordinating multi-agency programmes aimed at developing young people’s skills in the performing arts; managing a community-based mentoring scheme recruiting, training and supporting volunteer mentors; and managing a team of full-time inclusion workers supporting young people in school with behavioural and emotional difficulties. I came to the College in 2004, originally to coordinate the Level 2 programme for volunteers or those starting out in youth and community work. I moved across to the undergraduate distance learning team in 2008. My values and expertise in supporting young people in a variety of settings have contributed to the development of my career now as they continue to inform my teaching and research.

I have completed the following programmes:

  • Youth Ministry Course, Oasis College, graduated in 1993
  • Diploma in Mentoring, Leeds Metropolitan University, graduated in 2002
  • Masters in Coaching and Mentoring Practice, Oxford Brookes University, graduated in 2007
  • Doctorate in Coaching and Mentoring, Oxford Brookes University, graduated in 2014

In my role at YMCA George Williams College, I am a senior lecturer and programme organiser for the degree programmes by distance learning. I teach on the full-time and distance learning undergraduate and Masters programmes at the College.

My teaching areas include:

  • Helping and counselling skills at Level 5
  • Management research at Level 6
  • Coaching and mentoring in Leadership and Management at Level 7
  • Research Design and Dissertation at Level 7
  • Tutoring groups on both the full-time and distance learning undergraduate programmes

I have carried out research on behalf of the College where they have successfully been awarded contracts to evaluate pieces of work.  These have included evaluating a pilot project which integrated global youth work into a life skills programme being delivered by a YMCA Hostel supporting homeless young people.  I have also evaluated a pilot programme which sought to integrate global youth work into a YMCA Outdoor Education Centre.

When working towards my Masters in Coaching and Mentoring Practice I used a grounded theory approach to explore the thoughts and opinions of coaches regarding the emerging use of coaching supervision. This enabled me to offer a critical view on supervision and whether or not this should be mandatory for coaches who affiliate to related professional bodies.

My doctoral research focused on a comparison of mentor and coaches through the lens of six mentoring and coaching disciplines. There is currently no universal definition of mentoring and coaching and whilst my research did not come up with any definitive answers, my findings show that practitioners can adopt specialist disciplinary, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches, according to skills and experience.

My research interests include:

Any aspect of youth work; but I do have a particular interest in mentoring and coaching, as well as interventions used with young people deemed to be vulnerable in some way.

I reached the finals of The Association of Conferences and Events’ national award: ‘Conference Organiser of the Year – 1999’ in the category for the largest sized conferences.

Recent publications include:

Salter, T. (2015) Equality of Mentoring and Coaching Opportunity: making both available to pre-service teachers, International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching in Education, Vol. 4, Issue 1

Salter, T. (2014), Mentor and Coach: Disciplinary, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches, International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring, Special Issue No.8, June 2014, available at http://ijebcm.brookes.ac.uk/documents/special8-paper-01.pdf

Belton, B., Hill, J., Salter, T., & Peaper, J. (2011), Supervision: Praxis and Purpose: Developing a critical model of practice for those working with children and young people post Munro, Lyme Regis: Russell House Publishing

Salter, T. (2008), Exploring current thinking within the field of coaching on the role of supervision, International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring, Special Issues No.2, November 2008, available at http://ijebcm.brookes.ac.uk/documents/special2-paper-03.pdf

Recent conference presentations include:

‘A Comparison of Mentor and Coach Approaches Across Disciplines’ at the Coaching and Mentoring Research Conference held at Oxford Brookes University in 2014.

‘Mentor and Coach: same, similar or different?’ at the Oxford Brookes University Business School and Burgundy School of Business Joint Research Conference in 2013.